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Cheese Of The Day: Ameribella




Pink-tinged and pudgy, Ameribella is an idyllic washed rind: assertive on the palate and pungent on the nose. Inspired by the cheeses of Northern Italy, like Taleggio, this doughy little brick is punchy with salty, savory flavors of mustard and yeast and a satisfying barnyard aroma. With age, it sweetens and the paste becomes runnier.

Since 2010, Leslie Jacobs and Matthew Brichford of Indiana’s Whitewater Valley have been crafting raw milk cheeses from a homestead farm that’s been in the Brichford family since 1819, and with a herd of Jersey, Normande, and Tarantaise cross cows grazing daily in open pastures. Jacobs and Brichford age the young blocks of Ameribella for a minimum of 60 days, during which they’re wiped with a brine solution for 45 days and then wrapped in ripening papers for 15. As the washing process works its magic, the cheese develops its meaty aroma and slightly-sticky, vivid rind.

Ameribella is delicious eaten alone, though we also love letting its paste soften and pairing it simply with crusty bread and charcuterie. It’s well-suited to crisp sides like slices of cucumber or pears. In cheesy dishes like risotto or macaroni and cheese, use your usual cheese—but finish with Ameribella for added complexity.

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