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Cheese Of The Day: Early Snow

early snow

Early Snow


The early days of January call for a wintry little wheel. Downy white and with a pretty pyramid shape, Early Snow evokes early season snowfall on a mountainside—an image of which the cheesemakers at Nettle Meadow Farm, nestled near New York’s Adirondacks, are no doubt familiar. On the palate, Early Snow has notes of butter with a lemony tang that gives way to a forest-like herbaceousness. This little peak has a dense, fluffy texture, not unlike crunching through that first powdery snow.

In contrast to most of Nettle Meadow’s cheeses, which are made with sheep’s and goat’s milk, Early Snow is made with cow’s milk. Formed into pyramids, the young cheeses are dusted with an Herbes de Provence blend, which imparts the delicate herbal flavor. During aging, they develop a white bloomy rind on top.

Pair this cheese with a baguette and a floral spring honey and sauvignon blanc, or even gin, to bring out those perfect herbaceous notes and play with its creamy, soft flavor.

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