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The Peach Cheese Plate

peach focused cheese plate

Ripe peaches are the stuff of daydreams, but their splendid sweetness is as fleeting as the summer season. So, when fresh peaches are plentiful, show them off on a cheese plate—for pointers, we looked to Georgia, of course.

Mary Mayer, owner of Cheeses & Mary in Milton, Ga., shares picks that are peachy indeed. Inspired to share the stories of the people behind the products, Mayer reaches for Georgia-made whenever possible and works directly with producers instead of through distributors. “Cheeses & Mary is less about following trends, and more about relationships,” she says. “The shop is tiny”—it offers about 30 cheeses—“but my passion is great.” 

For Mayer, peaches are prime for pairing, boasting a versatility that shines with a range of flavors: “You can grill them, marinate them, bake them—but just-picked has no peer!” Here, make the most of the sweet summer treat with preparations sour, boozy, jammy, and fresh.


Goat Lady Dairy Providence 

  • Origin: Climax, N.C.
  • Milk: Pasteurized goat’s milk

Pickled Pink Perfectly Pickled Peaches

Pickled with cinnamon and red pepper and served chilled, these peaches add pucker to savory aged goat’s milk cheese. To really tie it together, reach for some prosciutto: “Think of the meat as the minister in the marriage of two otherwise disparate partners,” Mayer says. 

  • Origin: Thomasville, Ga.
  • Milk: Raw cow’s milk 

Blackberry Patch Peach Bourbon Cardamom Jam

“Georgiasquared,” Mayer says of Griffin, a beer-soaked tomme that uses local porter to impart notes of chocolate. Paired with bold and boozy peach preserves, Griffin’s malty notes really sing. 


Old Chatham Sheepherding Company / Crown Finish Caves Gatekeeper 

  • Origin: Old Chatham, N.Y. / Brooklyn, N.Y.
  • Milk: Pasteurized sheep’s and cow’s milk

Fresh Peaches

Washed in hard cider, this buttery yet complex triple cream has notes of orange blossom and ramps. Fresh peach slices offset its gooey richness, but don’t stop there, Mayer says—add ginger-infused honey and uncrystallized dried ginger for texture and a spicy bite. 


Sequatchie Cove Creamery Bellamy Blue 

  • Origin: Sequatchie, Tenn.
  • Milk: Raw cow’s milk

Red winemarinated peaches

Soak peeled peaches in red wine (plus fresh herbs like basil or rosemary) for to 12 hours for a summery spin on the classic blue cheese pairing. The fruity brightness balances Bellamy’s salty, creamy finish for a combo that’s “nothing short of picture perfect,” Mayer says. 


Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese Ted  

  • Origin: Austin, Ky.
  • Milk: Pasteurized cow’s milk 

Peachbourbonthyme smash

Get ready for a bonfire gathering with this snackable cheddar and easy sipping smash: Ted’s toasty, caramel notes meld with the bourbon, while sweet peach and a hint of thyme enhance its slight fruitiness. 


Capra Gia Cheese Company Peach Chèvre 

  • Origin: Carrollton, Ga.
  • Milk: Pasteurized goat’s milk


This Georgia goat dairy whips peaches into their fresh chèvreMayer suggests scooping some onto a gingersnap to make this dessert cheese even dreamier: “Summer beach house mornings were made for this sweet treat.”  


Photography by Evi Abeler

Bettina Makalintal

Bettina Makalintal is culture's former editorial assistant. With a background in the food industry and as a bike mechanic, she can often be found biking in search of new donut shops.

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