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Art of the Dairy

A painting of an old woman riding a big sheepWorking out of their Ohio home, Paige and Larry Koosed create wood carvings and watercolor images with a common aim. “We try more than anything to put a sense of humor into our work,” says Paige. Her watercolors are painted on Bristol board before being framed by Larry. Her subjects often include dairy animals and elderly; the painting featured here is dubbed Old Bo Peep.

Both Larry and Paige design the wood carvings, which are hand-cut into jelutong and painted with acrylic. Every carving is an original.

Price for Old Bo Peep is $230, with other artwork available from Paige and Larry Koosed, 419.878.8835.

Eilis Maynard

Eilis Maynard is the former web editor and social media manager for culture: the word on cheese. She is currently the digital communications lead at FEMA Region I in Boston where she is responsible for social media, web, and intranet content.