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Barbeclette over a grillNamed from the words barbecue and raclette, the Barbaclette is a new gadget from Bosca Holland designed for grilling raclette (or any cheese) on the barbecue, drip-free. For centuries, the Swiss tradition of raclette has remained fundamentally intact: a wheel of raclette is placed over fire and, as it melts, the cheese is scraped onto a plate of cooked potatoes and pickles. The Barbaclette, designed to melt single slices of cheese at a time rather than an entire wheel, takes this tradition to a decidedly modern level of efficiency. Shaped like a deep spatula, with a mobile rosewood handle and a stainless-steel frame, the Barbaclette is a safe, convenient grilling accessory that makes a myriad of oozy outdoor cheese dishes possible. Potatoes and pickles are optional.

Available for $12 from Boska and Amazon.

Maggie Calhoun

Maggie Calhoun is the owner of Great Finds, a home goods store in Valatie, NY. 518.758.8999