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Beer Here

Beer steins with designs in the sidesBulgarian-born Boyan Moskov, a master in ceramics, is based in New Hampshire, where he works with his wife and business partner, Anna. Moskov throws these seven-inch-high beer steins on a potter’s wheel for the base shape and then uses handmade rollover patterns and wooden stamps to imprint the handle and mug surfaces. The 24-ounce steins are dipped in two glazes, fired, and then colored using a bulb syringe. Available in a variety of colors, Moskov’s pottery is microwave- and dishwasher-safe. Just fill with your favorite cheese-friendly brew.

Steins are $30–$40 from Nearby.

Eilis Maynard

Eilis Maynard is the former web editor and social media manager for culture: the word on cheese. She is currently the digital communications lead at FEMA Region I in Boston where she is responsible for social media, web, and intranet content.