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Sheep Pin

pinFor the past few decades, Charlene Martin has scoped out the World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin, and has been pleasantly surprised on each visit—not with the encyclopedic catalog of dairy displays, but upon discovering that her handcrafted livestock jewelry stands alone among exhibitors. “They’re unusual,” she concedes of her swirled, abstract sheep pins, a favorite design among both farmers and fashionistas. “There are never two that are exactly alike; we cast them one by one.” This one is made from sterling silver rope and smooth wire by Martin herself, who also creates bracelets, money clips, and belt buckles, many painstakingly engraved by her husband, Jim.

$40 – $50 from Country Silver and Gifts.

Amanda Rae Busch

The former senior editor of Berkshire Living Magazine and a culture contributor since 2008, Amanda Rae Busch now lives in Aspen, Colorado, where she is communications director for Hunter S. Thompson's Gonzo Foundation. Follow her at AmandaRaeWasHere.com.