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Sustainable Sheep

heiferOne doesn’t need a reminder that times are tougher than ever, but it is worth repeating that being an agent of goodwill has never been easier. Do a good deed for an impoverished family (and your conscience): sponsor a healthy sheep (or a heifer, goat, or water buffalo, for that matter) like this one through Heifer International. As the global champion of anti-hunger advocacy, the nonprofit organization coordinates this unique empowerment program, which allows struggling foreign communities to reap the myriad benefits (wool for clothing, meat for food, trade for commerce) inherent to these resilient animals.

The gift of a sheep is $120 and a share of a sheep is $10 from Heifer International.

Amanda Rae Busch

The former senior editor of Berkshire Living Magazine and a culture contributor since 2008, Amanda Rae Busch now lives in Aspen, Colorado, where she is communications director for Hunter S. Thompson's Gonzo Foundation. Follow her at AmandaRaeWasHere.com.