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T’s Me

The assets possessed by a T-shirt are numerous, the most notable being its power to silently broadcast the wearer’s personal persuasions while nonchalantly hanging out above any old jeans. As devotees of all things cheese, we find that there are moments when this comes in very handy. For example, when explaining the fine alchemy of cheesemaking to an Easy Mac diehard begins to feel futile, it’s good to have a backup plan. Here’s where the cheese T-shirt comes in. Get your point across without opening your mouth, or, conversely, use it to spark a hot cheese conversation among strangers. Either way, be prepared with any one of the cotton tops featured here. Now that’s a real fashion statement.

Eilis Maynard

Eilis Maynard is the former web editor and social media manager for culture: the word on cheese. She is currently the digital communications lead at FEMA Region I in Boston where she is responsible for social media, web, and intranet content.