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Shop Talk: Savour Wine & Cheese

savour wine and cheese

At this versatile gourmet wine and cheese store, owner and certified sommelier Kathleen Morgan embraces a “try before you buy” philosophy. The shop not only includes a cheese and charcuterie counter, but also a wine boutique, a chef’s table for private dinners, and an open kitchen. Shoppers can sip complimentary tastings from the store’s 20 wine-tasting machines, while sampling cheeses, meats, chocolates, and other treats—a truly interactive shopping experience. Savour also hosts events, including charity wine tastings and holiday specials.

culture: What’s the weirdest cheese pairing you’ve ever had?

Kathleen Morgan: Blue cheese usually isn’t my favorite, but Rogue River Blue from Rogue Creamery in Oregon—which is smoked in hazelnut leaves—pairs wonderfully with a dessert cider from Spain, Diamantes De Hielo Sidra. I also use Rogue River Blue in a dressing for buffalo chicken!

culture: What local cheeses do you recommend to customers?

KM: In Topsfield, Mass., there’s a local goat farm that we use occasionally in the summer. We also get lots of our cheese from Vermont, where a favorite is Jasper Hill Farm. Vermont cheeses are just so central to the farm-to-table, Slow Food movement that we embrace at Savour.

culture: If you were having guests over for dinner and the main course was a charcuterie board, what would you include?

KM: I’d start with a chicken liver mousse from Les Trois Petits Cochons, paired with a boar or fennel salami and a red wine like Lambrusco or Barbera. Add in some Castelvetrano olives from Sicily, a baguette or ciabatta, and duck liver pâté. Finish it off with the dessert cider Diamantes De Hielo Sidra and Rogue River Blue mentioned earlier, paired with hazelnuts!

76 Prospect St.
Gloucester, MA
Tues.–Fri. 11 a.m.–7 p.m.
Sat. 10 a.m.–7 p.m.
Sun. 2–5 p.m.

Claire Yan

Claire is an MBA student at Boston University studying Food Entrepreneurship and Sustainability and an intern at Culture magazine. She loves to write about her love of food and aspires to open a dining empire of her own one day.

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