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Cheese Lands 2016: Dairy On The Ceiling

This August 5–7, prepare yourself for a cheesy musical odyssey the likes of which you’ll be jazzed to hear about—culture: the word on cheese is partnering with Napa Valley winery Long Meadow Ranch to bring you Cheese Lands, your one-stop shop for cheesy treats at this year’s Outside Lands Music Festival in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park! If you’re attending, stop on by and eat some cheese! If not, make these plates at home and stream the whole thing from your couch!

What is happening here? We’ve got a cheese plate that’ll have you dancing on the ceiling, that’s what. If you’re attending Outside Lands this week, not only will you have the chance to see legend Lionel Richie perform, but you’ll also have the chance to visit us at Cheese Lands! It’ll be hard to keep your feet on the ground once you hear what we have on our Dairy On The Ceiling plate. Don’t hold back, come visit us and savor these delicious curds.

Bijou | Vermont Creamery | Websterville, VT


Bijou” means “jewel” in French, and this little cheese is exactly that. One of Vermont Creamery‘s smallest cheeses, this soft goat’s milk round is rich and milky with a balanced touch of grass and hay notes. It’s a soft-ripened, brie-like cheese that measures only 1.5 inches wide. Its thin, wrinkly rind encases a dense, crumbly paste that gets softer and smoother as you move toward the aged rind.

P’tit Basque | Istara | French Basque Country


First created less than a decade ago in 1997, P’tit Basque has taken off as a recent dairy trend. Its current exports from French Basque Country in the Pyrenees total about 400,000 lbs. This semi-soft cheese made from pasteurized sheep’s milk has a distinctive basket weave imprinted on its natural rind. Its smooth paste harnesses the naturally sweet flavors of sheep’s milk, like butterscotch and caramel, with hints of salt and grass.

SarVecchio Parmesan | Sartori Cheese | Plymouth, WI

Photo Credit: Sartori Cheese

Photo Credit: Sartori Cheese

SarVecchio Parmesan is aged for a whopping 20 months by the master cheesemakers at Sartori. Tasting notes range from brown butter to toasted nuts to fruits and caramel. This cheese will definitely have your mouth singing “Oh, what a feeling.”

This goat-sheep-cow trifecta will be paired with Friend in Cheeses Jam Co. Somkin’ Padrón Jam, Rustic Bakery Cranberry Pan Forte Crostini, and Effie’s Homemade Corncakes.

Say what? Can’t stop now. Check out our full Cheese Lands menu here!

Tori Bilcik

Tori is a senior journalism major at Emerson College and a firm believer that a handful (or three) of cheese can instantly improve any dish. When she’s not scouring the artisan cheese aisle at Roche Brothers for wheels and wedges she can’t afford, she’s probably drinking tea, eating cheap pizza, or listening to sad emo punk music.

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