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A Sharp Story: Why Are Some Cheddars Naturally Lactose Free?

Yes, whey. Lactose free eaters can enjoy cheddar too.

Cheese Cave in Cheddar England

A Sharp Story: The Origin of Cheddar

Have you ever wondered how cheddar cheese came to be?


A Sharp Story: How is Cheddar Made?

How is making cheddar different from making other cheeses?

Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day

How Will You Celebrate Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day?

More than 700 events will be held on five continents this Saturday

The Cheese Shoppe

The Cheese Shoppe Celebrates 40 Fabulous Years

The Cheese Shoppe in State College, Pa., reaches a milestone anniversary in 2017

3D Printing

3D Dairy: Printing Processed Cheese

Researchers at the University College Cork are the first to publish research on 3D printed cheese.

Five Irish Cheeses for St. Patrick’s Day

For St. Patrick’s Day, indulge in a true Irish cheese.

selection of cheese

The Beginning of China’s Dairy Dynasty?

Traditional Chinese diets don’t include cheese, but Chinese chefs are now learning how to include dairy in their dishes