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Destination Dairies

When you enter Bantam, Connecticut, you feel the presence of Arethusa Farm immediately. Just past the town’s welcome sign, a trio of red brick buildings flanks the main road. Each is labeled with a classic black-and-white sign announcing its name in gothic font—Arethusa a mano, Arethusa al tavolo, Arethusa Farm Dairy—with a brass cowbell hanging […]

The Road South: In Search of Mexico’s Wine Country

In search of cheese in Mexico’s wine country

Queso Without Borders: Se Vendo Queso Fresco

Consider yourself lucky if you’ve seen a sign with that phrase, which translates to “queso fresco for sale,” anywhere in the US. I used to see it often in my old neighborhood in Brooklyn. Since I moved to Michigan, I started making my own cheese at home. I’ve still never found some of the more […]

California Creativity

Paso Robles—located halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco—is perhaps best known for its robust wine industry; Its proximity to the coast along with ideal growing conditions make it a mecca for tourists and vintners alike. But the city is also home to a number of small farms and dairies. It’s hard to know the […]

Queso Without Borders: Aisles of Change

Statesville, North Carolina is the definition of “small town America.” Spanning just over 24 square miles, outsiders would never consider the Iredell County seat a melting pot—but the dairy aisles of its modest markets tell a different story. Latinos make up the largest ethnic minority in the country, and the American South has the fastest […]

Bucking Tradition (and Brexit)

Cheesemaker Mike Thomson produces Northern Ireland’s only raw-milk cheese, and now grapples with the politics that could affect his business.

A Turophile’s Guide to Tokyo

Next time you’re in the Land of the Rising Sun, make sure to stop by these shops, restaurants, and schools for all of your cheesy needs.

Discovering Cheese and Tradition in the Swedish North

Spring in Sweden means blue lakes, picturesque hills, endless skies…and some delicious cheese.

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