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New Campaign To Appreciate Imported Cheese

Imported Cheese

To help familiarize Americans with the vast array of cheeses imported into the United States, the Cheese Importers Association of America (CIAA) has launched an integrated promotions campaign to raise awareness of the many wonderful ways to experience imported cheese.

Sponsored by the Imported Cheese Board with funds derived from the United States Qualified Import Program (QIP), the “I Love Imported Cheese” campaign is designed to provide an entertaining, engaging and educational experience for American consumers to fall in love with the quality and variety of imported cheeses from around the world, and the many ways to enjoy them.

With thousands of unique varieties to discover, each embodying the distinct heritage of the country and region it is produced in, imported cheese is a cheese lover’s passport to a global tasting tour.

The national campaign targets American specialty cheese consumers through a variety of communication touch points including social media, in-store merchandising, sampling events and a website with cooking videos and recipes, cheese profiles and pairings, entertaining ideas, and more.

The “I Love Imported Cheese” social media campaign will provide a vital forum for people who want to be part of a community of cheese lovers who share their passion for imported cheese and the extraordinary taste it brings to recipes and entertaining.


To learn more about the imported cheese experience, visit the campaign’s website @ or like it on Facebook 

About The Cheese Importers Association: CIAA is a non-profit organization that serves its members, the world dairy community and – ultimately – the end consumer by helping to facilitate the efficient import of dairy products from around the world into the United States. For additional information about the organization, visit theciaa.org

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