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In Queso You Missed It April 21st

Happy Sunday, folks! Whole Foods recently announced a new cheese with a royal twist. This limited-edition cheddar will be launched following the birth of the royal baby (Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced the baby is due anytime from late April-early May). The “Royal Addition” cheese is made in southwest England, and allegedly uses tropical fruit pulp to match Prince Harry’s hair. Even if you’re not one of the millions obsessed with the royal family, you might want to an eye on the news (if only for the cheese). 

Here’s what else you may have missed this week in cheese news: 

  • Vinepair conducted a round up of the world’s most unforgettable cheeses. From the larvae-infested cheese of Sardinia to the donkey’s milk cheese that costs $576 a pound, there’s something to impress every turophile. 
  • Last week, the Trump administration threatened to impose tariffs on European imports (including cheese). The EU is now threatening to impose tariffs on US goods (also including cheese).
  • With a cheese plate, presentation is very important. But if you’re slicing your goat cheese like your Gouda, you’re doing something wrong. Here’s a cheat sheet for you. 
  • Seattle is known for its coffee and amazing food. However, a less well-known but no less loved culinary treat? Hot dog with cream cheese
  • A recent listeria outbreak has been linked to deli meat and cheese, and there’s already  been a death. 
  • Due to the growing popularity of Western cuisine and new culinary additions like cheese tea and cheese hot pot, cheese consumption is steadily growing in China.

Madeline Upson

A longtime lover of cheese and wine nights, Madeline finally got to use her love of cheese as former Editorial Assistant at Culture Magazine.

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