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In Queso You Missed It May 12th

Saxelby Cheese

There’s a new party on the block. All-you-can-eat cheese parties are popping up across the UK. They aim to provide a fun and informal atmosphere to chat with cheese experts as well as to taste your new favorite wedges. Obviously, cheese parties are nothing new, but it’s nice they’re no longer just for a party of one. 

Here’s what else you might have missed this week in cheese news:

  • If you’re a good child, you won’t be panicked to see today is Mother’s Day. We’ve rounded up some recipes guaranteed to make your Mother’s Day brunch cheesy…in all the best ways. 
  • Pizza Hut’s announcement that they’ll provide dairy-free cheese at select UK locations caused much vegan rejoicing. However, a spokesperson confirmed that there are no plans to bring this option stateside (for now). 
  • It’s the old good news/bad news. The good news: Sargento announced free pizza delivery to 100 Chicago residents. The bad: They have to wait 18 months while the cheese ages. 
  • In the cultural consciousness, cheddar cheese is often relegated to the realm of Cheez-Its and Goldfish crackers. But this versatile and delicious cheese can be so much more. Just ask Flory’s Truckle
  • Whether you live in Wisconsin or just visiting, USA Today invites you to vote on the Best Cheese Curds in Wisconsin. Warning: there are 20 nominees, so you’ll just have to try each one. 
  • After reading an article celebrating a man who ate 400 cheese coneys, Patrick Kaple thought that he could do better. So now he’s eating 1,000 of them
  • This technically isn’t cheese news related, but fun nonetheless. If you’ve ever struggled to choose between baked brie and mac and cheese, why not combine them? Because too much of a good thing…is a good thing.

Madeline Upson

A longtime lover of cheese and wine nights, Madeline finally got to use her love of cheese as former Editorial Assistant at Culture Magazine.

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