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In Queso You Missed It May 6th


Greetings, cheese lovers! Warm weather is finally here—and with that, it’s prime time for parties. We love a celebration too, but after all the margaritas have been downed and all the chips have been eaten—dipped in cheese, of course—we know that all that cleanup can be a pain. So take a break: Here’s an excuse to carve out a little time for yourself as you kick back, relax, and catch up on the cheesiest news.

Here’s what you might have missed this week:

  • If you’re near an Einstein Bros. Bagels, get your butt over there for mac and cheese covered bagels; it’s the post-party breakfast you deserve this weekend.
  • Follow up your Cinco de Mayo celebrations with a little reading about Mexico’s cheese culture—did you know that Mexico is ranked tenth in global cheese production? Meet some cheeses from Mexico that are way better than any bagged blend. 
  • Or, read up on James Beard Award winner Chef Hugo Ortega, who’s bringing cheesy Oaxacan cuisine to Houston (with recipes including crave-able cotija-covered corn and melty queso).
  • The Irish smashed their competition at the UK Artisan Cheese Awards with 14 gold medals. We’ll be over here celebrating with a wedge of Coolea.
  • In California, crispy, cheesy, and super Instagram-worthy cheese tarts from Japan are making their way stateside.
  • Wisconsin is making our cheese dreams come true: The dairy heartland just broke its record for cheese production.
  • This Austin cheese shop has sold over 4,000 pounds of cheese since January. Texans, you’re doing us proud.
  • Want to be your cheesemonger’s favorite customer? Here’s how to make it happen.
  • One Vermont company is using whey protein from cheesemaking in their finishes for hardwood floors. Hey, whey not?
  • What’s in a name? The Wall Street Journal breaks down how the European Union’s name protections affect American producers.
  • We love this guide to French cheese, from the duo behind a cooking school in Burgundy.
  • Should you toss that moldy hunk in the back of the deli drawer? Probably not, but here’s how to know for sure.
  • If you thought stuffed crust pizza couldn’t get any richer, you thought wrong: Pizza Hut is kicking it up a notch with even more cheese.

Photo of Coolea Irish Farmhouse Cheese

Bettina Makalintal

Bettina Makalintal is culture's former editorial assistant. With a background in the food industry and as a bike mechanic, she can often be found biking in search of new donut shops.

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