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New on the Market for Spring 2017

Gildo Formaggi's Cru di Capra

We’ve rounded up six hot products that you should look out for on your next shopping trip.

Cheese Spreads from DiBruno Bros.

Di Bruno Bros Smoked Gouda & Beer Cheese Spread

Featuring cheese blended with beloved accompaniments, each of these new Cheese Spreads from DiBruno Bros. is a complete and convenient pairing experience. Fancy Pinot Grigio & Fig, a boozy mix made with Wisconsin cheddar, is not your grandma’s pub cheese. But Smoked Gouda & Beer really won us over with its light smokiness and pleasant pimento heat.

Homestyle Cheddar Meal Kit from Grainful

Grainful Homestyle Cheddar Meal Kit

For a savory, superportable twist on whole-grain steel-cut oats, turn to New York–based Grainful. With an easy-to-blend white cheddar powder that harkens back to our boxed mac and cheese days and a bag that doubles as a measuring cup for adding water, the company’s Homestyle Cheddar Meal Kit will come in handy on our next backpacking trip. (Culture tip: Put an egg on it!)

Everything Hand-Crafted Crackers from Onesto

Onesto Everything crackers

Now that Onesto founders Jane and Jesse Ciccone have added a bagelesque spice blend—poppy and sesame seeds, onion, garlic, sea salt—to their well-loved gluten-free crackers, we have a new favorite vessel for cream cheese and smoked fish. Crispy, flavor packed, addictive: These new crisps are, in a word, Everything.

Cru di Capra from Gildo Formaggi

Gildo Formaggi's Cru di Capra

Because Gildo Formaggi’s Cru di Capra hails from the craggy peaks of Lombardy’s Valsassina region, we’d expect this goat’s milk wheel to be wonderfully ruddy and rustic—and it doesn’t disappoint. The crosshatch-pattern rind is dry and peppery, while a dense paste smelling of warm, buttered toast starts out tangy and then evolves into a veritable salt bomb with a slightly bitter finish.

Sriracha Gouda from Roth Cheese

Roth Cheese Sriracha Gouda

With a striking red rind and a sunset-orange paste flecked with crushed pepper, Roth Cheese’s new Sriracha Gouda definitely has a bark bigger than its bite. Not the least bit assaulting, its heat almost tastes sweet—kind of like spicy teriyaki—with chile, vinegar, and butterscotch notes to round it all out.

Spice Market Beans from Fox Point Pickling Company

Fox Point Pickling Company's Spice Market Beans

Moroccan bazaars inspired Fox Point Pickling Company proprietor Ziggy Goldfarb to add cumin, coriander, and a hint of lemon to his popular pickled beans. We love how the bright Spice Market Beans perk up savory clothbound cheddar and how their über aromatic notes go hand in hand with—you guessed it—French Munster au Cumin.

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