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New on the Market for Autumn 2018

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We’ve rounded up six hot products that you should look out for on your next shopping trip.

Anthill from Woodside Cheese Wrights

America’s most adventurous turophiles have been eagerly awaiting the FDA approval of this Australian ant-coated cheese. To create Anthill, makers at Woodside Cheese Wrights coat a tangy fresh chèvre in ground lemon myrtle leaves and then sprinkle it with arthropods. The result? A surprisingly approachable burst of citrusy flavor that juxtaposes soft creaminess with a slight crunch.

Sheep Rustler from White Lake Cheese

Last June, Sheep Rustler from White Lake Cheese snagged the Supreme Champion title at the British Cheese Awards; now, it’s poised to go international. This semi-firm, caramel-y ewe’s milk wheel is one of several goat’s and sheep’s milk cheeses just introduced to the US market from the innovative maker based in Somerset, England. 

Goat Yogurt from Coach Farm

Logo of Coach Farm, a goat's milk cheese and yogurt maker


When we’re craving a sweet snack or dessert that won’t weigh us down, Coach Farm’s new Vanilla Yo-Goat hits the spot. The drinkable goat’s milk is like a mini milkshake; creamy with visible vanilla beans, it yields just a hint of refreshing goaty tang. 

Fresh Goat Cheese Cups from Cypress Grove

With these resealable Fresh Goat Cheese Cups, prolific California chèvre producer Cypress Grove is broadening its fromage blanc repertoire. The soft goat cheese’s savory flavor blends (red bell pepper with garlic; jalapeño with herbs) make a perfect dip for fresh veggies, while its sweet vanilla bean and brown sugar variation is begging to be dolloped atop roasted peaches or whipped into frosting.

Monroe from Roth Cheese

Roth Cheese wades into soft-ripened territory for the first time with this fudgy and luscious stunner. Named for the company’s hometown in Wisconsin, Monroe is hand-smeared with a culture-rich brine and turned daily during over a month of aging, rendering it pink-orange and tacky with an oozing paste.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Laconian Legacy



Laconian Legacy Olive Oil, from Greece’s southern Peloponnese coasts, fits into a coveted category of EVOOs that are high in polyphenols, compounds with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. All the more reason to be drizzling the spicy, buttery blend—just introduced to the US market—over ricotta toast.

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