New on the Market for Summer 2018
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New on the Market for Summer 2018

Honey Fresh Goat Cheese

We’ve rounded up six hot products that you should look out for on your next shopping trip.

Skyr from Green Mountain Creamery


Green Mountain Creamery, a Vermont-based producer of Greek yogurt, is expanding its dairy repertoire and introducing Skyr. The Icelandic style—available in plain as well as Salted Caramel, Strawberry Cream, Key Lime, and Vanilla Bean flavors—is thicker, creamier, and more decadent than the company’s traditional Greek. 

Butter from Le Beurre Bordier

Apparently Frenchman Jean-Yves Bordier of Le Beurre Bordier kneads his freshly churned butter until it “cries” (er, releases buttermilk). We almost shed a tear of joy, too, when we heard his stuff has made it stateside. A hunk of the plain, unsalted butter on a baguette offers simple bliss, while varieties made with seaweed, Espelette pepper, yuzu, and even olive oil are sure to pique your palate.  

Individual-sized Snacks from Firehook Baked Crackers

Calling all lovers of picnics, solo platters, and inflight cheese plates: individual-size Firehook Baked Crackers packs should be your new go-toNow sold in nine different Mediterranean-inspired flavorsfrom Multigrain Za’atar to Rosemary Sea Salt to Hummus Crunch, these crispy rectangles are sturdy enough to scoop up the goopiest washed rinds and creamiest fresh chèvres 

Flavored Fresh Goat Cheese from Vermont Creamery

flavored fresh goat cheese with honey from vermont creamery

A new summery selection of Fresh Goat Cheese flavors from Vermont Creamery has arrived just in time for picnic season. We love the Clover Blossom Honeyinfused log with its touch of sweetness; try it on rye toast dolloped with onion jam.  

Aged Cheddar from Grafton Village Cheese

Vermont-based Grafton Village Cheese never stops pursuing affinage perfection, and the new Reserve Cheddar and Grand Reserve Cheddar display the company’s chops. Expert graders select young wheels early in the aging process and shepherd them to their full potential over three to four years. Also keep an eye out for Shallot and White Pepper Cheddar, a new snackable wedge perfect for melting into mac and cheese. 

Cheese Crisp Bars from Sonoma Creamery

cheese crisps

These Cheese Crisp Bars from Sonoma Creamery are so light and crunchy you’d think they were deepfriedbut nope. They’re baked—with a sprinkling of quinoa, brown rice, and oat bran to boot. In addition to classic Parmesan, the company has released some more adventurous combos, including an Everything Cheddar bar featuring the beloved bagel spice, and Savory Seed bar with pepitas and sunflower kernels 


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  1. Bobbie Desprat says:

    Where to find Beurre Bordier in the US (near Chicago). I ate so much of it in France 2 years ago because it calls out to be slathered in everything!!

    1. Erika Kubick says:

      Have you tried Pastoral? They carry a lot of specialty butter. We recommend calling ahead!

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