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Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry, a classic from the early 1800s, is a variant of eggnog, served piping hot; After a few, a good night’s sleep is guaranteed

Cheesemonger Pet-Peeves

 What is your biggest cheese pet-peeve?  When you’re at a party or gathering, don’t dig the cheese out of the rind, leaving a flapping cave of rind on the platter. Take a complete slice, top to bottom, so the cheese doesn’t become mutilated. Every wheel or wedge is a living beautiful thing and deserves to […]

When to Serve Cheese

 Is it best to serve a cheese course before the meal, after the entrée, or at the end of the meal?  I am often asked when, during the course of a meal, is the “right time” for the cheese plate. Well, my friends, I ask you, when is the wrong time? Still, many cheese experts […]

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