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Seek It in Santa Fe

Santa Fe

Tourists visiting world destinations often choose from a list of traveler-approved and well-known cafés and restaurants, while the locals have their own hidden spots deemed favorites for everyday eating. Santa Fe, the de facto destination on nearly every Southwest travel itinerary, bucks this practice. Here locals shop and dine at the very same spots they […]

A Western Union


We’ll let you in on a little secret: There’s been a mighty shift in Salt Lake City and the surrounding Wasatch Front in the past five years. We’re not talking seismic changes, but culinary ones. Thanks to a critical mass of young, creative talent and a rekindling of an agricultural past, there’s more artisan food […]

Montréal Moves


What sets Montréal apart from other Canadian cities is not just dazzling skill in the kitchen. Most of all, this French-speaking city shines gastronomically because it is blessed with provenance. It is surrounded by rich agricultural lands and heritage, a supportive Québec government, and ingredients that encourage artisan food producers to blossom. Nowhere is this […]



Not long ago, specialty cheeses had a bumpy ride in this town known as the “City of Big Shoulders.” In the mid-1980s, when I arrived at the Chicago Tribune to write about food and wine, cheese was of more than routine interest in only a few select restaurants—mostly French—and the occasional Italian and Germanic food […]

The Golden Gateway to Cheese

Hundreds of bottles of wine inside glass cabinets.

San Franciscans have always loved their cheese. Long before the invention of the automobile, Marin French Cheese Company, California’s oldest continuously operating cheese producer, was shipping cheese downstream from its location about thirty miles northwest of San Francisco to saloons on Yerba Buena Island, just east of the city. There, dockworkers would load up on […]

Boston’s Bounty

Piles of cheeses

New England is in the midst of an artisan cheese renaissance, and no city is better poised to take advantage of all that hand-crafted goodness than Boston. Farmstead cheeses produced from western Massachusetts to rural Vermont are elegant and exciting, including gems like raw-milk blue cheeses from Jasper Hill Farm in Greensboro, Vermont, or Great […]

Indie Culture

Sign for Chuy's

Trumpeted for live music, Hippie Hollow, and a laissez-fare state of mind, Austin may be the black (or rather “blue”) sheep of the Lone Star State, but with a truly independent spirit it’s also, unquestionably, got soul. The city’s growing foodist culture follows suit with a neighborly vibe and dedication to sustainability and fresh-from-the-farm foods. […]

Day Tripping in Dallas


Cheesemakers and Shops Lucky Layla Farms Adored by Chef Dean Fearing, Lucky Layla sells its cheeky assortment of all-natural dairy goods in a prefab farm store in Plano, just north of Dallas. Shop for 2008 ACS winners, including Campesino and Boyaca cheeses, as well as “drinkable” yogurt and dulce de leche caramel milk. Also, pay […]

London Calling


Welcome to London, proud cheese capital of Europe. Forget about France, Italy and Spain; it’s all happening here in the United Kingdom. Like other elements of this city of 8.6 million, London’s cheese scene includes an eclectic mix of British and foreign, traditional and avant-garde, rough and refined, all jumbled together in a fondue-style melting […]

Tasting Providence


Providence may be the capital of the Union’s smallest state, but its food scene is plenty big. Home to the world’s largest culinary school, Johnson & Wales University, and to the greatest number of working artists per capita in the United States, Providence has a vibrant, progressive eating scene. The city’s small size works to […]

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