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Alex Seidel never imagined that one day he would be raising sheep and producing Coloradoʼs first artisanal Sheepʼs Milk Cheeses. Itʼs his passion for food that has allowed him to travel the country to experience his first love, cooking. A couple years after opening his first restaurant Fruition, Alex purchased a ten-acre farm. This fueled his desire to learn more about food, how it is produced, and from where it is sourced.

Colorado Lamb T-Bone with Fava Bean Gremolata and Pecorino

Cacio Pecora is chef Alex Seidel’s aged pecorino, handmade at Fruition Farms. Any good-quality aged artisan pecorino, imported or domestic, can be substituted. And if fresh fava beans aren’t available, you can substitute fresh English peas; after shucking and removing them from the pods, blanch the peas and proceed with rest of the gremolata recipe.

Crêpes with Coupole, Shaved Radish Salad, and Orange–Mustard Seed Marmalade

We recommend this unusual mix of components as a salad course. It’s an elegant winner, especially for a brunch menu accompanied by a sparkling rosé or crisp white wine such as Sauvignon Blanc. Coupole is a rich and delicate bloomy-rind goat cheese from Vermont Butter & Cheese Creamery; if unavailable in your market, you can […]

Confit of Heirloom Potatoes with Grilled Ramps and Taleggio

So simple and so good. Chef Alex Seidel uses potatoes grown on his farm; purchase yours from the farmers market if possible, for the best flavor. The earthiness of the potatoes paired with the oniony ramps and pungent, creamy Taleggio is an unbeatable combination. Be sure to have the cheese brought up to room temperature […]