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Alyssa Kim

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Alyssa is culture's former Web Editor. Raised in Mass., she's excited to be back in her home state after six years of working in journalism and TV production in NYC.

Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company's mozzarella

Point Reyes Expands Operations to Petaluma, Calif.

A new creamery will serve as the production and aging facility for several of Point Reyes’ cheeses

Wisconsin cheese bill signing

Cheese Becomes Wisconsin’s Newest State Symbol

It’s only fitting for a state that produces more than three billion pounds of curds a year

Stuffed Cheese Board Burger

Celebrate Cookout Season with These Cheesy Grilled Recipes

Just in time for Memorial Day weekend, check out these cheesy recipes made for the grill

Goat yoga

Video: Yoga with Goats!

Because you haven’t lived until you’ve had baby goats running between your legs during Warrior II.

James Wong smells Epoisses

Époisses and the Science of Backward Smelling

How can stinky cheese taste so good?

cheese selection

Experts Find Cheese Doesn’t Increase Risk of Heart Attacks

Cheese and other dairy products high in saturated fat may not be to blame for cardiovascular disease

Wisconsin cheese

Cheese Closing In on Wisconsin’s “State Dairy Product” Title

The official state recognition is one signature away from becoming law

Vulto Creamery Miranda

FDA Releases Vulto Creamery Inspection Report

Evidence of listeria dates back to 2014, and sanitary issues and poor facility maintenance are among the findings