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Stretching Mozzarella at Eataly

Making mozzarella at Eataly Boston

Cheesemaker Gianlorenzo Galiano of Eataly Boston took culture through the store’s entire mozz-making process step by step, from curd cutting, to stretching, to forming.

Eataly Boston receives its curds from Narragansett Creamery in Providence, R.I., and the cheesemakers here use up their supply rather quickly. “On a typical day here, we go through around 200 pounds of curd,” Galiano says. These curds are turned into mozzarella products—which include everything from bite-size bocconcini to 3-pound logs—that are both sold to customers and supplied to the various restaurants and food stations at Eataly Boston. 

Special Thanks: Molly McDonough

Alyssa Kim

Alyssa is culture's former Web Editor. Raised in Mass., she's excited to be back in her home state after six years of working in journalism and TV production in NYC.