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Articles written by Amanda Minoff

Amanda graduated from Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine with a degree in English Literature and Art History. She is a reader and writer of fiction and loves cheese that tells a good story.

Marinate your Manchego

For a quick and simple appetizer, get your hands on some high-quality Manchego, dice it into chunks, and marinate it in olive oil and herbs

Cheesemonger Tales: Jordan Edwards, Dirt-Eating Dark Horse

Learn the surprising story of how Chicago-based cheesemonger Jordan Edwards got his start in the cheese world and his tips for learning about new cheeses

Summer Brews and Curds: Your Go-To Guide

Summer time means more hours in the day for beer and cheese pairings, right? Try one of these winners on your porch tonight

Creamy, Decadent, Delicious: Debunking Butterfat

What is it that makes double and triple cream cheeses so swoon-worthy? It’s all about the butterfat, baby

Image of a farm house on an Alpine mountain with a cow and a goat in front

Alpine Appreciation

High-quality, nuanced, and versatile, The Alpines are a family of cheeses worth getting to know

Cheesemonger Tales: Linni Kral, Ethical Anecdotalist

Former vegan Linni Kral of American Provisions, hasn’t abandoned her commitment to animal welfare – she’s rediscovered it in sustainably-sourced cheese

Get to Know Cotija Cheese

Sprinkle this Mexican cheese over grilled corn and behold your new, favorite summertime side dish

Cheese-Stuffed Peppers

There are seemingly infinite combinations of cheese and summertime vegetables, but right now, we’re all about stuffed peppers

Cheesemonger Tales: Lassa Skinner, Fromage Freelancer

Lassa Skinner hasn’t always run a cheese magazine; before she was a founder of culture she was a cheesemonger at Formaggio Kitchen and Oxbow Cheese Merchant