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Amanda Minoff

Articles written by Amanda Minoff

Amanda recently graduated from Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine with a degree in English Literature and Art History. She is a reader and writer of fiction and loves cheese that tells a good story.

Cheesemonger Tales: Joe Ciardullo, God of Grilled Cheese

Joe Ciardullo of C’est Cheese will make you one hell of a sandwich… and then convert you into a blue cheese fanatic

How to Pair Cheese and Charcuterie

A properly outfitted cheese and charcuterie board is the easiest way to impress — try our tips for planning out the perfect plate

Applicable Knowledge: 3 Cheese Apps To Download

Need a great cheese pairing? There’s an app for that — three, in fact.

Swiss Combat Counterfeit Cheese With “DNA” Testing

Thanks to new “fingerprinting” technology, you can rest assured that your Emmentaler is the real deal

EU Cheesemakers Suffering from Russia’s Ban

Russia, a country that typically accounts for 5% of all French dairy exports, has banned certain EU agricultural products — including French cheese

Creamy bocconcini (mini mozzarella balls), pickled sour cherries, herbacious basil, and salty prosciutto alternated on bamboo skewers

‘Tis the Season: Herbs and Cheese

Is your herb garden looking uncomfortably full? Add some of it to your cheeseplate

Charming Cheese: Getting to Know Melville

Mozzarella’s smooth and swanky second cousin, Melville, is a swoon-worthy fresh cow’s milk cheese from Connecticut’s Mystic Cheese

Happy National Goat Cheese Month!

Happy National Goat Cheese Month! Celebrate with these delectably tangy, cheesy recipes

Support Local Cheese Makers and Mongers!