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A native Californian, Briana Seftel is an all-around food enthusiast, whose most favorite thing to do is travel and eat. She attends Boston University, studying journalism and French.

My Favorite Cheeses I Tasted While at Culture

Sadly, my time as web editorial intern at culture has come to an end. I’ve enjoyed every moment and mouthful of cheese. I take away with me a heightened knowledge and appreciation of cheese, and now I can walk up to any cheese counter with confidence. For my last blog, I’d like to share some […]

On Missing Paris and Finding Hope

Yesterday, I was in dreamland. I was at Formaggio Kitchen in Cambridge, a much-loved cheese shop of culture staff and Boston foodies. Walk 20 minutes outside of bustling Harvard Square and you’ll find a temple of gourmet food. Chocolate, jams, and jellies line the walls alongside wooden crates of locally sourced fruits and veggies. And […]

The Beeroness Talks Craft Beer

Have Your Beer & Eat it Too This is the mantra of Jackie Dodd, whose blog The Beeroness is dedicated to cooking with craft beer. From beer and chicken stew to chocolate stout cake, Jackie knows how to make beer’s flavors shine. She caught up with culture to talk about her love of all things craft […]

Photo by Sweet Lucie's

10 Best: Ice Cream Trucks

Focusing on artisanal and local ingredients, these 10 select ice cream trucks may not have that familiar jingle, but they are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Photo by American Grilled Cheese Kitchen

10 Best: Cheese-Centric Restaurants and Bars

For these ten restaurants and bars, cheese is not just an ingredient, it’s the main event. From grilled cheese joints to superstar restaurants, we’ve got the list on where to go for meals dedicated to cheese.

Photo by Roxy's Grilled Cheese

10 Best: Grilled Cheese Trucks

It’s no surprise that grilled cheese trucks have become de rigueur these days. They’re fast, portable, and loved by (almost) everyone.

Style Highlight: Washed Rinds

Embrace the funkiness of these aromatic washed rind cheeses

brick side of Carr Valley Cheese Factory with yellow lettering and cow colored picnic table

American Cheese: Carr Valley Cheese

With over 600 varieties of cheese produced in Wisconsin, one maker stands out from the rest: Carr Valley Cheese