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Emily Gold is a Vermont-based food writer and the online proprietor of PaperScissorsCake at etsy.com

Gluten-Free Rosemary Almond Crackers

Grinding almonds in a food processor to make your own almond flour contributes a coarser texture, which is ideal for these crisp crackers

A stack of different kinds of gluten-free crackers.

A No-Wheat Treat

Going gluten-free liberates the category of crackers

Yam Quick Bread with Pepitas

This autumnal quick bread is rich with flavor. The yams add a slightly sweet note and lots of moisture, and the smoky, spiced pepitas are reminiscent of a campfire. A perfect pairing would be spreadable tangy goat’s milk cheese.

Semolina Fig Focaccia

Sweet pockets of soft fig dot this bread, making it a great partner with hard, salty cheeses such as aged pecorino and a selection of charcuterie, including silky prosciutto. I like to serve it cut into individual squares to frame whatever I’m serving with it.

Rye Walnut Aniseed Loaf

This wholesome loaf is based on a French recipe for walnut bread, pain aux noix. Traditionally it is paired with Roquefort, but the addition of porter makes this dense, tangy loaf even more cheese friendly. I also like a caramelly aged Gouda with it. Halve the recipe to make one loaf, or tightly wrap and […]

Olive Oil Flatbreads with Provençal Herbs

This recipe is a twist on Spanish olive oil crackers, known as tortas de aceite. The herbed sugar-salt mix creates a sweet and salty crackly caramel surface in the high heat of the oven. The flatbreads are irresistible on their own but would pair well with an oozy Camembert.

Raspberry Pomegranate Fruit Pâté

Similar to quince paste in its pairing affinities, this gelled fruit is a good match with cheddars and Manchego-type cheeses. You can strain the seeds out if you prefer a seedless fruit pâté.

Blueberry, Red Wine, and Black Pepper Fruit Pâté

Traditionally, these pastes were made by cooking fruit for hours, along with spices, sweeteners, and water, alcohol, or vinegar, until the mixture reached a point where the natural pectin caused it to set into a dense gelled form. My recipes for pâté de fruit utilize a modern ingredient—liquid pectin—to create old-world-style pastes. Commercial pectin makes […]

Apricot Peach Fruit Pâté

Just as cheesemaking began as a means of preserving milk, putting up fruit conserves and pâté de fruit (fruit pastes) started as a way to store fruit that was otherwise perishable. Concentrated pastes (also called “fruit cheeses,” by the way) are natural sweets that, historically, were often presented at the end of a meal, which […]