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Gianaclis Caldwell is the author of Mastering Artisan Cheesemaking, among other books. She manages the goat herd and cheesemaking operations at Pholia Farm Creamery in Oregon.


What Makes A Cheese Non-GMO?

A solution to finding non-GMO cheeses is to buy the product from a local or trusted cheesemaker.


How Many Accompaniments On A Plate?

Tart fruits, unsalted nuts, hot and sweet spread—cheese plate accompaniments depend on the course it is served as. But the mantra is to keep it simple!

cheese storage

What’s The Best Way To Store Cheese At Home?

No matter the cheese type, stash the tub in the refrigerator. Cheese storage at home should be temporary—just long enough for you to enjoy it at its peak.


Why Don’t Halloumi and Other Grilling Cheeses Melt?

The science behind the meltability of cheeses


Any General Rules for Pairing Sparkling Wine with Cheese?

Bubbly beverages play nicely with most, but not all, types of fromage


Are Some Cheeses Lower in Calories and Fat Than Others?

Grating cheeses are one great lower-fat option


What Cheeses Are Best for Making Fondue?

Not all cheeses are equal in a fondue pot

Gruyere aging

How Does Temperature Affect Cheese Aging?

Determining the proper aging temperature is crucial to producing the optimal wheel