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Heather Kapplow is a freelance writer, editor, researcher, project manager and multimedia content producer. Her main areas of interest are experimental art and film, but she’ll rarely turn down an opportunity to travel, or to think, eat, or write about food. Ms. Kapplow has spent more of her life in Boston than anywhere else in the world, but loves Finland most. She was once nominated for an Emmy.


Chasing Poutine

Inspired by the contrasts discovered between old and new Quebec, artist & writer Heather Kapplow dreams up a play on the most Québécois of all native foods: Poutine.

Korean Cheese Buldak

Korean Cheese Buldak

On first tasting Korean Cheese Buldak, CNN travel writer Rob McGovern described it as “a violent torrent of invisible fire” in his esophagus that he can’t wait to eat again