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Jackie Emilo is one of culture's summer interns. She is a current graduate student studying Food and Nutrition and she works at a local restaurant. Jackie developed a love for cheese while growing up in Vermont and working in restaurants that feature exceptional food and drink. When not working, Jackie is usually taking a yoga class, Zumba-ing, or drinking rosé.

A Day in the Life of Matt DeLuca

Harpoon Brewer Extraordinaire

A Day in the Life of Rachel Sundet

The elegant art and hard work of the pastry chef

A Day in the Life of Tripp Nichols

Cheese Side Manager—more than meets the eye…

Lourdes Smith in hat smiling

A Day in the Life of Lourdes Smith

What is it like to live a day in the life of this urban cheesemaker?

Ice Cream Nation: Infographic

Multiple infographics depicting ice cream consumption in the US