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How to Host A Beer and Cheese Tasting Party

Serious Eats writer, Mike Reis, is sick and tired of the usual wine and cheese parties. In this pairing guide, he urges party hosts to switch up their normal routine, and introduce their guests to different styles of beer and cheese at their next soirée.

Tell your guests that you will provide the cheese, and ask each of them to bring a beer that falls within a certain range of styles or flavors. The goal is to explore the fullest range of beer flavors possible. Try to get eight pairings set up. This will allow you to really showcase a range of beers, cheeses, and the flavors that can occur when you match them up.

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Jackie Emilo

Jackie Emilo is one of culture's summer interns. She is a current graduate student studying Food and Nutrition and she works at a local restaurant. Jackie developed a love for cheese while growing up in Vermont and working in restaurants that feature exceptional food and drink. When not working, Jackie is usually taking a yoga class, Zumba-ing, or drinking rosé.