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Mint Chocolate Chip Profiteroles

Joy the Baker is at it again! Have you ever heard of profiteroles? They are like cream puffs — but they have ice cream inside. Pretty great, right?

“I’m ok with this melty situation.  It simply means that you have to pop one of these profiteroles in your mouth very quickly.  One bite.  Teeth freeze .  Brain freeze.  You’ll feel like you’ve made a terrible mistake (and maybe you have) but you can chew through it… and you can’t chew through most mistakes.  Also, most mistakes don’t taste like mint chocolate chip ice cream and warm chocolate sauce… so maybe this isn’t a mistake after all.”

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Photo Courtesy of Joy the Baker

Jackie Emilo

Jackie Emilo is one of culture's summer interns. She is a current graduate student studying Food and Nutrition and she works at a local restaurant. Jackie developed a love for cheese while growing up in Vermont and working in restaurants that feature exceptional food and drink. When not working, Jackie is usually taking a yoga class, Zumba-ing, or drinking rosé.