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Squash Blossom and Burrata Pizza

Squash blossom season is right around the corner, but it will be gone before you know it! You will be hard pressed to find a tastier way to use these little summer flowers than in this Squash Blossom and Burrata Pizza, adapted by Turntable Kitchen from Saveur Magazine.

“The combination: spicy tomato sauce, light and bright squash blossoms, delicate and creamy burrata, fruity olive oil, a touch of sea salt and the most perfectly balanced chewy-crispy crust—was maybe one of the most unique, complex, beautiful and downright delicious pizzas I’ve ever had. Anyone who says you can’t make great pizza at home needs to try this! “

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Photo courtesy of Turntable Kitchen

Jackie Emilo

Jackie Emilo is one of culture's summer interns. She is a current graduate student studying Food and Nutrition and she works at a local restaurant. Jackie developed a love for cheese while growing up in Vermont and working in restaurants that feature exceptional food and drink. When not working, Jackie is usually taking a yoga class, Zumba-ing, or drinking rosé.