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Articles written by Johnisha Levi

Johnisha Levi is a Boston-area pastry cook and one of those very rare (think Pegasus) D.C. natives. If ithere's a documentary on food or true crime, chances are that she's seen it (or it's waiting in her Netflix queue). She's a culinary history nerd who is eager to spend her summer at culture learning more about cheese.

The Mother of All Yogurts

Heirloom bacteria cultures separate commercial yogurt from homemade.

Forbidden Fromage: It’s a (W)rap

This fair fromage voyage into the forbidden comes to a close…

Eggs in Ice Cream: Yea or Nay?

A side-by-side comparison of Philadelphia-style ice cream with its French custard counterpart.

Forbidden Fromage: Toxic Cheese

A cheese crisis is not just running out of your favorite fromage… it can be down right life-threatening.

An Ice Cream That’s Literally The Pits

Feeling a bit “drupe-y” about wasting those peach pits? Cheer up and make ice cream with them instead!

You are What the US Military Eats

And that includes Cheetos, Goldfish, and—one day—maybe even shelf-stable pizza.

Forbidden Fromage: Of Mites and Maggots

These creepy-crawlies add under-the-table verve to your wedges and wheels.

A Tale of Three Cows and One Unlikely Arsonist

Would you risk it all for what you love? This artisanal yogurt maker did when he let it all burn down to the ground.