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Twice Baked Barry’s Bay Cheddar Soufflés

If you’re not near a supply of Barry’s New Zealand cheddar, splurge on a piece of assertive American cheddar for these individual soufflés, such as Cabot Clothbound or Hook’s aged cheddar from Wisconsin.

Braised and Baked Brussels Sprouts

Serve this hearty gratin as a side dish to accompany roasted chicken or lamb. For a vegetarian version substitute onion for the bacon and sauté it in a little olive oil, then proceed as directed. Neudorf is a Pyrenees-style sheep’s milk cheese with a complex nuttiness that comes from up to 15 months of aging. […]

Blue Cheese Gougères

These bite-size morsels made from cream puff dough are typically flavored with an alpine-style cheese, but they can adapt to most any flavorful substitute, especially a bold blue cheese. To substitute for the Kiwi cheeses Schwass uses in this recipe, try Caveman Blue from Rogue Creamery and Midnight Moon from Cypress Grove.