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Joshua M. Bernstein is the author of The Complete Beer Course (Sterling Epicure, $24.95). You can read more of his writing on his website: http://joshuambernstein.com/

The Best Cheese to Pair with Coffee Stout

An expert rounds up the best coffee stouts to pair with your favorite cheeses.

vienna lager

Pack This Beer in Your Tailgate Cooler Along with Plenty of Cheese

Malty sweetness makes Vienna lagers a fine foil for spicy cheeses, while the style’s caramel complexity nicely complements a nutty aged Gruyère or cheddar.

The Best Cheeses to Pair with Belgian Witbier

When pairing with cheese, look to milder wedges such as chèvre or Monterey Jack to avoid overpowering the style’s delicate, graceful character.

Little Brett Credit Allagash Brewing

Pair these Funky, Fizzy Brett Beers with Stinky Cheese

Brewers are embracing Brettanomyces yeast to bring wild new flavors to beer. The result is a bone-dry, effervescent brew perfect for funkier wedges.

barley wine

Beer With Cheese: Grape Expectations

Barley wine, which contains no actual wine, seek a robust partner such as extra-aged gouda or a bold blue.


Fall for Oktoberfest 

Märzen, also known as Oktoberfest, originated pre-refrigeration, when brewing season ran strictly from late fall through early spring.


Cheese + Beer: Gose

Germany’s sour, salt-sprinkled gose is having a moment

Photo courtesy of Anchor Steam

Cheese + Beer: California Common

Steam beer, or “California common,” is a thirst-quenching American original that makes a great complement to Asiago and pepper Jack.