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Joshua M. Bernstein is the author of The Complete Beer Course (Sterling Epicure, $24.95). You can read more of his writing on his website: http://joshuambernstein.com/

Cheese + Beer: IPAs

Frosty weather brings the freshest IPAs.

Smoke and Beers

Roasty, complex rauchbiers play well with a variety of cheeses

Cheese + Beer: Hefeweizen

Germany’s cloudy, fragrant hefeweizen is summer’s signature beer—and a friend to goat’s milk cheeses.

Hey, Porter

Dark, complex, and once beloved around the world, porter is a winter-friendly dark brew that is poised for a comeback

In the Wash in the Crown Finish Caves

Excited fans of cheese and beer enjoyed Parish Hill Cheese and local brews at In the Wash in the Crown Finish Caves under Brooklyn’s historic Nassau Brewery

How About Them Apple Ciders

Hard apple ciders aren’t just for autumn, and Michigan’s Virtue Brands is at the forefront of a revolution to prove it

Cheese + Beer: Fruit Beers

Beers brewed with fruits are the perfect sips for spring.

Cheese + Beer: Trappist Ales

Ales are the order of the day at Trappist monasteries.