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Julia Domenicucci is an online editorial intern for culture who loves to try new foods almost as much as she loves trying new books. Born just outside of Boston and now attending school in the heart of it, Julia has come to really love the city, its art museums, and all the restaurants in the North End.

mouse cheese

Talking Cheese: Of Mice and…Cheese?

Mice have long been associated with cheese–even though they may in fact hate the stuff

DIY Mascarpone

Not only is mascarpone delicious, but it’s also simple enough to make at home

Follow the “Cheese Trail” Across the Netherlands

With a history of delicious cheese, a trip to the Netherlands in in order

The Growing World of Canadian Cheese

The very first Canadian Cheese Awards recently took place, and revealed some truths about curds from Canada

Talking Cheese: Cheesed Off

Ideally no one would ever be annoyed or fed up, but the concept of “cheesed off” can help you express it

Watermelon and Burrata Salad

The watermelon and burrata salad is a yummy twist on the classic version with feta

14 Things You Might Not Know About Ben & Jerry’s

The Ben & Jerry’s company is as packed with fun-facts as each pint is with deliciousness

Brussels Sprout Grilled Cheese

Try out this mouthwatering grilled cheese masterpiece, complete with english muffins, butter, Brussels sprouts, mustard, and cheeses, for National Grilled Cheese Month

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