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Articles written by Margaret Leahy

Margaret Leahy is a Contributing Editor at culture.

Cheese Plate: Dessert Before Dishonor

It’s 2020—have your cheese course first.

Everything Nice: Cheese + Candied Fruit

Candied fruit is a pairing fit for a sugarplum fairy.

Centerfold: Bluebird

The Grey Barn and Farm took inspiration from a poem when crafting their Bluebird cheese, a natural-rinded blue that embodies the distinctive terroir of its island home.

Farm Animal: American Miniature Cheviot Sheep

BREED: American Miniature Cheviot Sheep SPECIES: Ovis aries COLOR/PATTERN: White, black, beige, or silver wool HEIGHT: 17 to 23 inches WEIGHT: 45 to 100 pounds REGION OF ORIGIN: Scotland Imagine you’re counting sheep. What do they look like? Are they round, fluffy cotton balls with stick legs and little smiling faces? Imagine no more, friends, […]

Cheese and the Power of Myth

Why we invent stories about our food

Farm Animal: Moose

These awkward behemoths have a reputation as gentle providers of milk, meat, and sheer delight.

Centerfold: Camel’s Milk Marinated Persian Feta

Photographed by Nick Surette What has one hump and makes some of the richest milk in the world? Your newest source for non-bovine dairy, that’s what. Summer Land Camels of southeast Queensland has been rescuing wild camels from the Australian interior for over a decade. Co-founders and experienced biodynamic farmers Jeff Flood and Paul Martin […]

Cheese Plate: Crown Jewels

All that glitters is mold

Personal Touch

Massage therapist. Tattoo artist. Hairdresser. These are a few of the professions that require physical human interaction, if not constant human touch. In recent months, we’ve seen previously contact-centric businesses pivot to meet the needs of their clients without putting themselves and others at risk of infection. In the most unfortunate cases, we’ve seen these […]

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