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Articles written by Margaret Leahy

Margaret Leahy is a Contributing Editor at culture.

The Go Plate: Traveling With Cheese

Taking a cue from @thatcheeseplate, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite cheeses and accoompaniments that make it easy to snack in style wherever you are.

4 Products You Need To Keep Your Cheese Fresh

Here are a few refrigerated cheese storage solutions that make for happier cheese (and cheese eaters) AND cut down on waste.

Cheese Plate: Emotional Self Care 101

Phone off, mask on—now pass the fromage.

The Green Fairies: Pairing Verdant Spirits With Cheese

The perfect foil to these green beauties is salt—which, as luck would have it, is one of the three ingredients needed to make cheese.

Centerfold: Red Rock

Roelli’s cheddar holds a blue surprise.

Drinks With Cheese: Getting to the Root

We dig tuber-based brews with cheese.

We’ll Drink To…Best Cheeses With Beverages 2020

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite cheeses to pair with beverages in 2020.

Raising the Bar: Most Innovative Cheeses of 2020

We’ve selected winning cheeses from past years to cover categories that we hope bring comfort, relatability, and joy during this unprecedented time.

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