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Fruit compote mascarpone tartlets

Fruit Compote Tartlets

Lightened with yogurt, mascarpone becomes the filling joining a cookie-like crust and spiced winter fruit topping in these fruit compote tartlets

Plantain Chip Nachoes with grilled corn and crema

Plantain Nachos with Grilled Corn, Jack, & Cotija

Plantain nachos made with crispy fried plantains rather than corn chips, are topped with Esquites, a Mexican street-food snack made with smoky grilled corn

pita chip nachos with feta cheese and citrus tapenad

Pita Chip Nachos with Feta & Citrus Tapenade

For a fun change of pace, make pita chip nachos with toasted and spiced pita bread, creamy and tangy feta cheese, and a bright citrus tapenade

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