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Michael Harlan Turkell, a once aspiring chef, now photographer, captures the inner workings of kitchens. As former photo editor of Edible Brooklyn and Edible Manhattan, his recurring BACK OF THE HOUSE series appeared in the magazines from 2006 – 2011. Michael’s been nominated for a James Beard Foundation Award in Visual Storytelling, included in 25 Under 25: Up-and-Coming American Photographers V2, (PowerHouse Books), received a Photo District News Photo Annual Award, and has had his photos printed in an array of publications, and cookbooks. Learn more about Michael at http://harlanturk.com/

Basil-topped pizza from Don Antonio by Starita

Family Pies: The Father-Daughter Team Behind NYC’s Don Antonio by Starita

Father-daughter team Roberto and Giorgia Caporuscio are Neapolitan pizza champions

Don Antonio by Starita's fraticelli

Don Antonio by Starita’s Fraticelli

Sharp provolone-and-black-pepper filling gives these stuffed fried dough triangles a kick

Quattro Formaggi pizza

Don Antonio by Starita’s Quattro Formaggi Pizza

Don Antonio by Starita’s Roberto Caporuscio eschews frequently used Gorgonzola in favor of a blend of five, not four, cheeses for this rich, well-balanced pizza


Don Antonio by Starita’s Arancini

Pizzaiolo Roberto Caporuscio of New York City’s Kesté Pizza & Vino and Don Antonio by Starita shares his recipe for fried rice balls that are crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside

Montanara Starita

Don Antonio by Starita’s Montanara Starita Pizza

To make this popular Neapolitan street food, the dough is flash-fried, then topped and finished in the oven for a super-satisfying—but not overly rich—snack

Bresaola Salad

Don Antonio by Starita’s Bresaola Salad

Air-dried, salt-cured bresaola—with its mild flavor and deep garnet hue—is a lean, striking alternative to prosciutto

Neapolitan pizza dough

Don Antonio by Starita’s Neapolitan Pizza Dough

Achieve a chewy, puffy crust with Don Antonio by Starita’s recipe for Neapolitan pizza dough

Beecher's Smokey Blue Smashed Potatoes

Smokey Blue Smashed Potatoes

Beecher’s blue smashed potatoes come to life with the addition of colorful yams and earthy Smokey Blue cheese from Rogue Creamery

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