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Natalie Gardino is an editorial intern for culture as well as a dairy lover and sheep enthusiast. She was born and raised in Boston and is getting her BFA in writing, literature & publishing at Emerson College. Her number one idol is Dr. Seuss.

Illustration of a cow casting a Swiss-cheese-holed shadow

Ruminations: Meat-Free, Cheese-Centric

A vegetarian diet introduces questions when it comes to dairy. Is cheese vegetarian? It depends on the rennet – and the vegetarian – in question

Two Icelandic sheep grazing on a hill with water in the background

Icelandic Sheep

Hardy Icelandic sheep are valued for their resilience and versatility, as well as for the rich, sweet milk they produce for cheesemaking

Cheese Personality: Wensleydale

How Wallace and Gromit saved, Wensleydale, now a beloved British cheese

Parmesan Pencils: Cheese on the Go

German cheese pencils for the Parmesan-passionate

Cheese Personality: Aesthetic Mold

Mold adds texture, flavor, and interesting visuals to these fuzzy cheeses

Cheese Personality: Alcohol-Marbled Cheeses

Unique pressed marbled cheeses are flavored with beer and wine

Cheese Personality: Rind Art

These aesthetically pleasing rinds tell us important information about cheese

Cheese Personality: Washed Rinds

Smelly and messy but delicious, washed rind cheeses are complex things