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Parmesan Pencils: Cheese on the Go

You may have seen the Parmesan cheese lamp, but have you tried Parmesan cheese pencils? The limited edition edible “pencils” are made in Germany by The Deli Garage and come in handy little variety packs. Grate to your heart’s content, just don’t try to write with them.

These Parmesan Cheese Pencils were created by agency Kolle Rebbe for The Deli Garage and reportedly available in Germany. The quick rundown, we’re looking at three different types of parmesan cheese flavors dressed like oversized pencils and accompanied by a grater shaped like a pencil sharpener. The package is complete with truffles, pesto, and chili parmesan flavored pencils.

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Photo via Foodbeast

Natalie Gardino

Natalie Gardino is an editorial intern for culture as well as a dairy lover and sheep enthusiast. She was born and raised in Boston and is getting her BFA in writing, literature & publishing at Emerson College. Her number one idol is Dr. Seuss.