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Sasha Davies lives in Portland, where she and her husband own and operate Clay Pigeon Winery and the wine bar and café Cyril’s at Clay Pigeon. She is author of The Guide to West Coast Cheese and the recently published The Cheesemaker’s Apprentice. You can follow her at sashadavies.com.

Basic Homemade Cheese Ball coated is toasted sliced almonds and filled with a mix of blue cheese and figs

DIY: Basic Cheese Ball

Take a trip down memory lane with our timeless—and time-saving—homemade basic cheese ball recipe

Sheep’s Milk Soap

Soften up dry winter skin with sheep’s-milk soap. A standout for its Little Bo Peep-inspired shape, this bar also has a high fat and mineral content that makes for supremely moisturizing lather; soothing almond oil and shea butter up the ante. To reap the benefits, just add water.        $11 from Kylemore Abbey.

A Cut Above

This decorative cheese plane is the result of a partnership between a 125-year-old cutlery company and the reputable Santa Fe Stoneworks, which crafts the beautiful stone handles.

Functional Cheese Heads

People who don’t cut cheese for a living might appreciate a bit of slicing support. These whimsical cow, sheep, and goat buttons provide stability thanks to small underside spikes, allowing them to sink easily into cheese rinds, stabilizing your grip. Even if you don’t need them for cutting, use the various forms to denote the […]

Do the Fondue

Every once in a while, a product renews our enthusiasm for an activity that had fallen off the radar. The Boska Holland Tapas Fondue Set makes us want to make it more often. You don’t have to throw a party in order to enjoy fondue; just find one other person or maybe, if you’re quiet […]

Fabric-Lined Bread Basket

Trust the French to design a bright slip cover to adorn and protect their baguette baskets. In this sixteen-inch-long wicker trough, a loosely fitted liner of washable Provençal fabric makes a cozy resting place for bread, crackers, and other cheese-worthy accompaniments. (It’s been reported that Barbie dolls also like to recline there, so don’t be […]

Portland Inside Out

Behind every great food city is a public that feeds off on the excitement of its new cuisines, cooks, and eating experiences. Portland is no exception. Heck, we’re even devotees of dining al fresco at food carts despite the infamously unpalatable Northwest weather. Fiercely supportive of independent businesses and individuals who strive to create unique […]