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Functional Cheese Heads

headsPeople who don’t cut cheese for a living might appreciate a bit of slicing support. These whimsical cow, sheep, and goat buttons provide stability thanks to small underside spikes, allowing them to sink easily into cheese rinds, stabilizing your grip. Even if you don’t need them for cutting, use the various forms to denote the type of milk used in making a particular cheese. They might look a bit menacing—but then again, we are eating their milk, aren’t we?

A set of three is available for $10 from Fante’s Kitchen Wares.

Sasha Davies

Sasha Davies lives in Portland, where she and her husband own and operate Clay Pigeon Winery and the wine bar and café Cyril’s at Clay Pigeon. She is author of The Guide to West Coast Cheese and the recently published The Cheesemaker’s Apprentice. You can follow her at sashadavies.com.