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Taylor Pierola is a Berkeley California-based culture intern

Berkeley, California’s Gregoire (Plus a Takeout-Inspired Recipe!)

Will and I were super hyped to go eat lunch at this iconic Berkeley grub hub this past Friday. We wanted to take a fancy—well, as fancy as we could afford— break from culture‘s California office. Gregoire is a fancy takeout joint built out of a hole-in-the-wall that serves French-style cuisine. Living in Berkeley, I hear about it […]

Eatfeats.com: Your One-Stop Source For Eating Contests

Let’s be honest, we’ve all fantasized what it would be like if we entered an eating contest. I know I always imagine myself winning, and raising my food covered fist into the air in proud victory. Outside of fantasy, I don’t think I would want to cram my stomach full of hotdogs like Joey “Jaws” […]

Cheese on Sushi??!

This past Friday was the grand opening event for Zensen Sushi Express. Becoming the newest addition to sushi restaurants on Durant Ave., one of Berkeley’s go-to food spots, Zensen reeled in enough customers to have customers line out of the door to get in. My friends and I had to wait over 45 minutes just […]

The Cheese and Beer Pairings Party

My second day of work was a blast. Can you guess why? Well, obviously from the title, you can deduce that yes– there was a party. More specifically, it was our launch party to celebrate the release of the new Beer and Cheese: Perfect Pairings Guide for Kindle and iTunes. I’ve never participated in anything […]

Four scoops of chocolate or coffee ice cream sprinkled with nuts and ground chocolate in a parfait glass on a burlap cloth with some coffee beans on it

Morozhenoe: Russian Ice Cream

Learn about how Russian morozhenoe is different from American-style ice cream

Brunost cheese sliced on brown bread

Brunost: Norwegian Brown Cheese

Learn about this Norwegian traditional delicacy: sweet, brown cheese

A crusty and cheese covered loaf of olive damper bread from Australia

Australian Cheese and Olive Damper

Learn about one of the most ancient foods in Australia: traditional damper bread

Quark cheese in glass bowl on checkered white and yellow cloth

Quark: German Soft Cheese

Learn about the origins and use of quark cheese