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Cheese on Sushi??!

This past Friday was the grand opening event for Zensen Sushi Express. Becoming the newest addition to sushi restaurants on Durant Ave., one of Berkeley’s go-to food spots, Zensen reeled in enough customers to have customers line out of the door to get in. My friends and I had to wait over 45 minutes just to get seated because the place was so popular! It could have been the novelty of the revolving conveyor belt that wove around the entire restaurant that served sushi right to your table, or the fact that all sushi plates were $1.00; but it could have also been Zensen’s unique use of American cheese slices on their sushi.

Our group was wide eyed at seeing such an unlikely combination at the restaurant. We all tried some, and found it quite interesting. The cheese was light, and almost unnoticable. It had just enough flavor to not overpower the shrimp and rice, but enough to taste the cheese.

Have you had any experience with cheese and sushi? How did you like it?

Taylor Pierola

Taylor Pierola is a Berkeley California-based culture intern

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